Classical Five Element Accupuncture

Harmony of Body and Spirit

Jeanne Rosner ClinicClassical Five Element Acupuncture is a practice of transformative medicine where each patient is seen as a unique being, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. My educational and professional background is well-versed in conventional (material) medicine, and also draws upon powerful healing disciplines based on energy, consciousness and knowledge of human development.

Most people seek health care when faced with pain or some other form of dis-ease. Many such symptoms, particularly acute and physical ones, can often be effectively treated on the symptom or syndrome level with material interventions. Yet often, particularly in chronic, recurrent or nonphysical conditions, the need arises for heightened understanding of the cause and of how to more strongly call upon intrinsic sources of health and harmony.

In this way, illness or discomfort can guide us to seek and find greater health. When we find the superior equilibrium that resolves the symptoms, the illness has been healed and we are something more than we were before, in a state of greater health and well-being.

Practicing now at the Maple Leaf Center for Superior Human Nourishment, my practice is committed to nourishing and empowering clients to achieve superior health. Please enter this site and find out more about me and and the services I provide.